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Okay, hari ini kita di beri tugas oleh guru bahasa inggris kita bukan ?? Karena banyaknya permintaan, Saya akan mengshare apa yang harus di catat tadi. Ini dia :

How To Express Anger and Annoyance

How To Express Anger and Annoyance

1. It annoys me when ...

2. I don't like it when ...

3. I can't stand it when ...

4. It burns me up when ...

5. I hate it when ...

6. Enough !


1. I'd like to discuss this matter

2. Can we discuss it ?

3. Please, let's discuss it

4. Don't be angry, let's talk it over

5. Come on, don't be mad !

Study this Dialogues !

1. Ria : I hate it when someoe talks about me behind
    Lia : Calm down it will be over soon.

2. Dita : It burns me up when you do such a stupid thing
    Dina : Come on, don't be mad. It was an accident

Activity 3

    Choose the right expression from the box. Then answer
the questions.

Mrs.Julie : Ahmad, what's that under your pant ?

Ahmad : (1)______

Mrs.Julie : Lift up your arm. What's this ?

Ahmad : oh, that, uh (2)______. I've got to pick up somethings
             on my way home,

Mrs.Julie : Do you really (3)______

Ahmad : Well, that's what it is ?

Mrs.Julie : (reading) Soren Kierkeguard, Denmark, 1800s. Hegel Germany, 
                Sartre, Paris, 1900s.... (4)_____ Mr.Ahmad

Ahmad : Oh, gee, let see me that. Oh,my gosh, they may be my notes. (5)_____

Mrs.Julie : I'd like to see you in my office, please now, Ahmad, (6)_____
                How the answer to the text questions appeared on your desk ?

Ahmad : (7)_____, Ma'am. Someone must have left them on my desk.

Mrs.Julie : Someone left them on your desk ! Someone with handwriting
                identical to ours left them on your desk ? (8)_____
                I can't accept that answer.

Ahmad : Are you accusing me of cheating ?

Mrs.Julie : Yes, I am.

Ahmad : (9)____ without proof. I'm going to call my councellor.

Mrs.Julie : By all means, do that in the meantime, however, don't come to
                class again. (10)_____ with your behaviour

Ahmad : what a pig headed, narrow - minded jerk !

- I'm extremely disappointed           - You can't do that                                                                                  

- I'm afraid                                     - I can't
- Would you care to explain            - How did they get her
- An interesting 'Grocery List'         - Expect me to believe that
- What's that                                                                                                                                                   

Questions :

1. how many persons are there in the dialogue ?

2. who are they ?

3 where the dialogue take place?

4. what are the relationship between Mrs.Julie and Ahmad ?

5. in your opinion, what did Ahmad do ?

6. does Mrs.Julie find it out ?

7. what doe she do then ?

8. does Ahmad admit what Mrs.Julie says ?

9. what is Mrs.Julie's reaction towards Ahmad attitude ?

10. what does she say ?

Activity 4

Express your anger upon the following situations

1. you go to the restaurant. when the waiter serves you, he drops
    the soup on your clothes

Answer :

2. you got information that somebody told your teacher something
    you didn't do

Answer :

3. you went home from school. you find your room is in a mess
    because your brother played in your room

Answer :

Expressing Embarrasment

Activity 1

Study the following dialogue !

Rina and Santi are having a lunch at a restaurant.

Rina : Mmmm.... this fried chicken is very delicious it so crispy

Santi : you're right. Look at me. I have already eaten two.
          Ouuughh.. (burping loudly) opps, sorry.

Rina : it's OK. anyway, have i told you about the shameful accident
          I got yesterday ?

Santi : Not yet, what's that ? Tell me then.

Rina : well, yesterday I was walking down the street on my way 
         home when a motorbike passed fast suddenly. Spontaneously
         I jumped a side. Unfortunately, I didn't see there was a Banana Peel.
         I believe you can  guess what happened next, I slipped and fell.

Santi : Oh, poor you.

Rina : I felt so embrassed, you know. More over, soe boys who happened
         to pass by and watch the accident smiled and said, "Are you hurt ?"

Activity 2

1. what does Santi say to express her for burping ?

2. what do you think Santi felt at such situation ?

3. what kind of experience did Rina have yesterday ?

4. how did Rina feel at  the accident ?

5. if you were Rina, what would you do ?

---------- This is the end of text -----------

Nah, itu dia yang harus kita catat. Gimana ?? cukup banyak ya ? Semangat kawan, kalian pasti bisa !!!

Jawaban  :

Activity 3

1. What's that
4. An interesting 'grocery list'
5. How did they get her ?
6. Would you care to explain ?
7. Expect me to believe that
8. I'm afraid
9. You can't do that
10. I'm extremely disappointed

Questions  :

1. two
2. Ahmad and Mrs.Julie
3. In the classroom
4. Teacher and Student
5. Cheating
6. Yes
7. She call Ahmad to her office
8. No
9. Disappointed
10. "I'm extremely disappointed with your behaviour"

Activity 4

1. Hey ! Be careful ! Look, your dirt my clothes !
2. What ? How can somebody talk like that ? I'm not the one who do that !
3. Hey bro ! Tidy up my room ! Responsible with your act !

Activity 2

1. "ooops, sorry"
2. Embarassed
3. A shameful accident
4. Shame
5. I'll do what rina do.

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